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elite house icons

Welcome to elitehouse, an elite icon community where only the best House icons live. Icons of a certain quality will only be accepted here and you must apply to become a member. Pretty simple. Do not attempt to join the community -- membership is by invitation only. Friend us if you want to check out the icons, though.

001.Please read all the rules before applying.
002.Comment here and fill out an application.
003.You must include the phrase 'Or maybe I'm too stoned to tell' in the subject of your comment when you apply so we know you read the rules.
004.You must receive a 'yes' from both mods to be accepted.
005.If you are rejected you have the opportunity to reapply in two weeks time so we can see how you've progressed.
006. Getting pissy about rejection will not get you invited to join the community.
icon rules

001.When posting icons the usual rules apply. 2-3 teasers and then LJ cut the rest. This includes any large graphics you may have as well.
002.Only icons may be posted in this community, no resources or non icon-related material.
003.If your icons are spoilery please label appropriately and LJ cut them.
004.Anything offensive or NSFW should be labelled appropriately and put under an LJ cut.
004.Be nice, people. Don't be assholes to each other. Anyone getting out of hand will be banned outright.
005.If you have a locked community or journal please make a note somewhere in your post stating that you are members or friends only.
006.If you are here to snag icons please follow the icon maker's rules.
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